Step 1

Image Preparation
One time charge - per original

Image Capture from Original Artwork:

  • up to 11 inches on long axis -    $75.00
  • 12 to 22 inches on long axis -  $100.00
  • 23 to 32 inches on long axis -  $125.00
  • 33 to 42 inches on long axis -  $150.00
  • over 42 inches on long axis -   $175.00

Scan lmage Capture from Slides, Transparencies, or Negative Film
$ 0.50 per Megabyte (varies with bit depth and output size)

Image Preparation from Client Provided Files (if properly submitted)

©Darlene Furbush Ouellett

Prices Include:
High Resolution Capture (if not client supplied), file preparation, unlimited proofing necessary for artist's satisfaction, personalized involvement for the artist in the image preparation process, and both a print file copy and a small jpeg file for archiving and web work. Bring a 'flash drive' or we will burn a CD for a $10 fee.

On those rare occasions when a transparency (chrome) is still required, such is available for a quoted fee.

Image capture and preparation costs are based on the size of the original art work or the largest print likely to ever be published, whichever is greater.

In order to color manage art work to the output device each image requires file preparation the first time it is to be printed by JC Editions even when the client provides the files. This is again the case if a file previously prepared by JC Editions must be printed onto a different media (paper).


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