The Steps of Giclée Print Production

The production steps necessary to produce a limited edition Giclée print commonly include a high-end, art quality, digital scan or digital photo capture of the original followed by file preparation (which involves many stages of capture refinement, input to output device color conversions, global and localized hue, brightness, gamma, and chroma adjustments, image sizing, and output sharpening), and finally, proofing, which in order to ensure image consistency utilizes the same inks and papers as the final production print.

©Joyce Kingman

These Giclée print production steps incur a one-time fee that does not apply when reordering subsequent prints.

A client may also provide a previously prepared file which will reduce initial fees and, in providing such, the client may also choose to retain private, in-house consultation time with our expert staff to rework his/her file, a service which is available at an hourly rate.


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