Photo Restoration

Everyone has an old faded, scratched, stained, torn, or otherwise damaged photograph somewhere in an album, or maybe a shoebox. All too frequently these are the only images left of an older family member or a lost loved one. And doesn't everyone have pictures, slides, or old negatives which could be much improved with a little color and contrast enhancement and some spot removal?

JC Editions will salvage your most important memories and add new life to old photographic art. Modern digital technology, experience, and photo artistry can make your pictures shine once again.

original photo before restoration              image after restoration         

The Steps in the Process of Restoration

Step 1 - Digitize the Original

High End or Moderate Level Scans capture all the detail of your photograph. Cost varies depending upon the type of original and the anticipated end result. An average price is 50¢ per MB - ranging $15.00 and up.

Step 2 - Repairs

Image repair can be easily separated into five category levels. Each level has a different price and many clients often take this one step at a time while reviewing the work as it progresses.

Level 1 - Minor. Color, tone, contrast enhancement and small spot and scratch removal . . . $15.00

Level 2 - Moderate. In addition to Level 1, extra work to repair minor damage such as a few small cracks, uneven fading, a local area of discoloration, or a torn edge . . . $20.00

Level 3 - Significant. Includes Level 2 above plus more significant areas of damage and having multiple problems . . . . $25.00 to $35.00

Level 4 - Extensive. Much more serious damage requiring a complete reconstruction of the image including such areas as background replacement, rebuilding of large areas of the image, or reassembly of image segments. These are time intensive projects and must be priced individually.

Level 5 - Image Manipulation. Projects requiring special attention such as removal/replacement of people or items in the photograph, major retouching to enhance glamour or reduce aging, vignettes, collages, montages, text layout, etc. Again, time intensive - by estimate only. This type of work is often done a step at a time, and with the client’s approval, continuing until satisfied.

Step 3 - Printing

Upon completion of all repairs, the image may be printed on a wide variety of media from photo papers to posters, to fine art paper and canvas materials. Prices vary with materials and with sizes, beginning as low as $10.00 on photo paper, and on art papers or canvases, are consistent with costs shown for art reproduction printing. Please review “Select Final Media”. Prints in volume are even more economical.

Step 4 - Finishing

Other services including mounting, coating, framing, matting, canvas stretching, and more are available.

Please call for further details on all of our imaging services. JC Editions guarantees your satisfaction.