Supplying Digital Files

For high quality reproduction the following must be adhered to:

©Kelynn Alder
  • Sufficient Resolution - best quality is 360 ppi at output size, 240 is good, @ 180 the image will suffer a little and should only be used for larger prints.
  • RGB raster document is best, e.g. tiff, pdf (avoid jpeg if at all possible unless minimum compression was used to create the file otherwise expect some level of digital artifacting at full print size.)
  • CMYK files are also acceptable but avoid vector files if possible (e.g. Quark or InDesign documents or Postscript files - ask for details.)
  • For proper color match, supply us with the original artwork if at all possible, otherwise, a matchprint, proof, chrome, etc. could be used. Alternatively the client will have to approve all pre-proofing.
  • Images must have embedded ICC Profiles representing the color workspace of origin and should have been prepared on properly calibrated monitors (again, ask for details.)